Hi! My name is Jakob and I'm a gameplay & tools programmer.

I'm based in Malmö and currently studying game programming at TGA. Before my time at TGA I studied software testing. For as long as I can remember I have loved technology, how things work, problem solving and games. I fell in love with game development at TGA. My favorite part of game development is the focus on teamwork and the diversity of problems you have to solve every day. During my time at TGA I was part of 8 group projects making games. My main focus in the majority of the projects was gameplay which I really enjoyed. For my specialization I chose to make a tool since I have an interest in that part of game development as well. In my spare time I like to get together with friends and play disc golf or racket sports. My second passion after games is watching movies preferably with friends.

Contact info

Email: Jakob.p.nilsson@gmail.com

Phone: +46 76-188 37 97

Linkedin: Click here

CV: Click here