Spite: Order of Chaos


"Bludgeon your way through hordes of enemies to save the high priest before your order falls to evil." 


  • Navmesh with A*

  • Funneling with string pulling

  • Scriptable boss

  • Player movement

  • Enemy attacks

Navmesh with A* and funneling

I started by reading about what a Navmesh is since we haven't had any lectures about Navmesh yet. When i got a basic understanding I made very simple Navmesh and made it work with a A* algorithm I made during an earlier assignment. The next step was to import the Navmesh from Unreal because we used Unreal for level design.

Funneling was one of the hardest tasks I have had at TGA. I looked at several different websites and tried their example code. Nothing worked and I started over a number of times, I even started over with the same example code. In the end I got it to work and I learnt that sometimes it's necessary to start from scratch when you get really stuck.

After all that we still had problems with the Navmesh export from Unreal. The Navmesh we got from Unreal got bad triangles that didn’t line up in certain edge cases. I had to work closely with the level designers to work around how Unreal created the Navmesh.