The apocalypse is upon us once more. The task to save the world is up to you. Go up against the slithering embodiment of the Four Horsemen, blasting and slicing your way through waves of their bio-mechanical plagues."


  • Enemy paths, enemy types and if they was going to stand still on some points from Tiled

  • Parallax background

  • Enemy bullet collision

  • Enemy collision

  • Particle system

  • Animation system

A fun project

This was our first project using TGA2D and c++ it was really nice to finally work with c++ since that was the programming language all lectures were about. In this project all of the programmers were on a similar skill level in c++ this made the project very fun and I learnt a lot together. Since no one in the group had prior experience and we hadn’t had any lectures about design patterns or inheritances the code got very unsustainable in the end but we got it to work and I'm very happy with the result. Then when we had the lectures about design patterns and inheritances we immediately understood why they are so important.